Timmy Barnett is a musician, teacher, and FLO software/hardware developer. He studied violin with Vladimir Krakovich for 4 and a half years before studying with Anna Vayman at Ball State University for 6 years, where he received his BM and MM. He has played violin for the Danville Symphony Orchestra, Muncie Symphony Orchestra, and Kokomo Symphony Orchestra, and has served as concertmaster for the Hendricks Symphony Orchestra and Fishers Chamber Orchestra. He teaches and performs on violin, viola, cello, double bass, standard guitar, Kite guitar, subharmonic guitar (a Just Intonation fretting of equally spaced frets), electric bass, piano, and organ. He plays violin with !mindparade.

Timmy has been involved with Kite guitar since late 2019. Kite guitar is a revolutionary guitar fretting that makes 7-limit (and higher) harmony playable. After becoming familiar with Kite guitar, he composed and performed 7-limit and 19-limit pieces for Kite guitar, voice, violin, detuned standard guitar, and subharmonic guitar. Timmy's band GNU/Linux Loves All focuses on these tuning innovations and on everything FLO - software, hardware, music and culture.

FLO (Free/Libre/Open) Music Projects

Kite Guitar is a revolutionary guitar that can easily access 7-limit just inotation. The first 16 harmonics from the series are all better tuned than 12 tone equal temperment.

Code for 09/17/21 Kenton Club gig


Ode to Creative Commons, A Protector of Free Information (Edition Zalzal)

Ode to Creative Commons, A Protector of Free Information (gitlab)


downminor etude